DUO Bunk Bed

Make Room for Sharing with the FOSTER DUO Bunk Bed

Living small but dreaming big? Sharing a space can be tight, but sleep shouldn't suffer.

Sharing a cramped apartment or dorm room means making tough choices, often sacrificing space for sleeping arrangements. Traditional bunk beds can feel bulky and leave little room for other activities.

Share Space, Not Comfort with the FOSTER DUO Bunk Bed

The FOSTER DUO Bunk Bed offers a smarter solution, combining two individual beds in a space-saving design. When not in use, the beds cleverly fold up, creating more room for studying, socializing, or simply enjoying your shared space.

DUO Bunk Bed
Product Specifications Sizes (mm)
Bed Frame Width 800 900
Bed Frame Length 1980
Maximum Mattress Height 150 / 200
Maximum Mattress Weight 25 / 30 / 35 kgs
Total Structure Depth 1910 2060
Total Structure Width 350 350
Total Structure Open Length 2066
Total Structure Open Width 688 788

Space-Saving Design

  •   Vertical Configuration : Maximizes floor space for other activities.
  •   Two Beds in One : Accommodates two sleepers without compromising living space.

Comfortable Sleep Experience

  •   Quality Mattresses : Ensures a good night's sleep for both top and bottom bunks.
  •   Sturdy Ladder : Provides safe and easy access to the top bunk.

Sleek & Modern Style

  •   Modern Aesthetics : Complements any décor, perfect for apartments, dorms, or shared spaces.
  •   Color Options : Choose from a range of finishes to suit your style.

Safety Features

  •   Guardrails : Ensures the safety of the occupant on the top bunk.
  •   Durable Construction : Built to withstand the demands of everyday use.


  •   Ideal for Various Settings : Perfect for children's rooms, guest rooms, or vacation homes.
  •   Convertible to Single Beds : Adaptable to changing needs as your family grows.

Invest in shared comfort and optimized living with the FOSTER DUO Bunk Bed. Maximize your space, optimize your style, and rest easy knowing everyone gets a great night's sleep.

Get your FOSTER DUO Bunk Bed today and create a shared space that's both comfortable and functional - Contact us for more information.