AIR Storage / Container Box Bed

Declutter your bedroom with stylish Box Storage Bed

Keeping your bedroom organized can feel like a constant battle. Traditional bed frames often lack storage options, leaving bedrooms cluttered and sleep spaces feeling chaotic. The AIR Storage / Container Box Bed solves this challenge by seamlessly combining a classic design with a hidden storage solution, promoting both restful nights and a clutter-free environment.

Classic Style meets Modern Functionality

The AIR Storage / Container Box Bed boasts a spacious container box built directly into the frame. This ingenious design allows you to discreetly tuck away blankets, clothes, or seasonal items, transforming your bedroom from cluttered to calm with ease.

AIR Storage / Container Box Bed

Our AIR Storage / Container Box Bed offers a practical solution to maximize space in your bedroom. With its spacious container box, it helps you maintain a tidy and organized living environment.

Air Storage / Container Box Bed
Product Specifications Sizes (mm)
Bed Frame Width 1525 1675 1825
Bed Frame Length 1980
Maximum Mattress Height 150 / 200
Maximum Mattress Weight 25 / 30 / 35 kgs
Total Structure Height 290 350 400
Total Structure Width 1594 1744 1894
Total Structure Length 2020
  •   Ample Storage : Eliminate clutter with the hidden container box, keeping your bedroom organized and creating a more peaceful sleep environment.
  •   Timeless Design : The clean lines and classic look of the AIR Storage / Container Box Bed complement any bedroom décor, ensuring a stylish addition to your space.
  •   Sturdy Construction : Rest easy on a secure and supportive bed frame. The robust construction guarantees long-lasting durability and optimal comfort for a restful night's sleep.
  •   Easy Access : Effortlessly access your stored belongings with the user-friendly container box opening mechanism.

The AIR Storage / Container Box Bed does more than just provide a place to sleep; it promotes a well-organized and stylish bedroom environment. With its clever storage solution and timeless design, this bed frame offers the perfect blend of functionality and comfort, helping you achieve a more peaceful and restful sleep.

Get in touch with us today to discover how the AIR Storage / Container Box Bed can upgrade your bedroom and experience the difference a clutter-free and stylish bed frame can make.